About Me


My name is Alessio Calore and I'm a 22 year old post-graduate at Kingston University from Italy who dreams of becoming a game developer.

I've always been fascinated with videogames, so much so that I somewhat consider them a contemporary form of art; I do my best to have looks, narrative and gameplay blend in my work in such a way that  it is at the very least pleasant to play.

I usually use either Unity or Unreal to work on my projects, and thus I know how to program in C# and C++, although I'm always open to learning new programming languages and tools.
I can also some of the tools that are part of the Adobe Suite and know my way around Autodesk Maya.

Other than a bachelor's degree in games technology, my academic background includes a diploma in an IT oriented course, from which I learned the basics of programming; I got use out of this experience for a time when I was a programmer back in Rome.

When developing in groups I tend to take on the role of the leader, or at least monitor my teammates in such a way that not only makes for an interesting final result but also a good time overall. I find investment in a project very important to its overall success, therefore I always try to work on ideas that resonate with me.

Other hobbies include gaming, reading, watching movies and long walks on the beach.